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BioProcessDB Basic Edition

BioProcessDB is a database solution for bioprocess R&D. It's designed to become the linking tool in your information process and to integrate the data i. e. from the SCADA system, the sample data management and the strain management.

An integration with the SCADA system MFCS/win from Sartorius is already pre-built. Even a simple registration of your MFCS Servers already offers new possibilities for evaluating your MFCS data, like additional searching capabilities, a powerful plotting alternative, consistent cross-server and cross-batch data management.

The system supports your daily fermentation workflow as well as the post process data analysis. All important process parameters are collected or automatically calculated. Evaluation tasks are supported by extensive search capabilities and excel export features for custom data views. It is possible to document a project with all its stages, beginning with the shaking flask experiment up to the feed batch.

Fig. 1: BioProcessDB frontend

Moderate System Requirements

The complete system can be installed on single server machine running XP/W7, SQL Server Express (free) and providing the BioProcessDB client via a network folder. Every client in your company network having XP/W7 and Java installed can run the application without any local system modification. Simply start the BioProcessDB.exe from the network folder.

Easy Handling

The system concept is intuitive and your employees will be able to work with the system after one day. Everything is organized in directories which are linked together via record formulas. All directories and formulas have got the same structure. Special tasks for a particular record can be accessed via the right mouse button.


  • Integrate your batch data with the data for media, strains, samples and others.
  • Import critical batch directory data from your MFCS/win Servers to manage your fermentations.
  • Create new batches easily using an existing batch as a template.
  • Generate complete family trees from the shaking flask to the fed batch. See ancestry and descendants of a selected batch with one view.
  • Determine key figures like productivity and yield coefficients and show them for a group of batches.
  • Analyze MFCS/win sample data using the BioProcessDB plot module.
  • Use the existing integration of the MFCS/win sample data manager or let us link your sample data management in a custom project.
  • Manage setpoint profiles consistently with doublet control.
  • Create new media by generating their component lists in the media directory. Ensure consistency with the built-in doublet control. Generate a medium preparation with few clicks and be alarmed when a component charge is in short supply.
  • Customize the directory window (Fig. 1) to see relevant data at a glance.
  • Use a modified record formula to search for particular record patterns.
  • Generate custom queries using logical operators.
  • Save user specific templates for queries, layouts and plots.
  • Use rich Excel export capabilities for analysis and reporting.
  • ... and more ...


It is possible to customize the application to your workflow and your existing solutions. Please contact ProBioData for an initial consulting, free and without obligation.


The BioProcessDB plot module allows you to plot nearly as much batches as you want in one chart. You can combine batches from different servers and different variables for one plot. It is possible to assign the batch runtime to the x-axis for a time series chart or any MFCS/win variable to plot one variable against another.

The plot can be zoomed, printed or exported as a picture to a *.png file. The module provides the generation of plots for certain time periods or for the last x minutes of a running batch. Plot configurations can be saved as templates for reusing.

An additional feature is to import the complete MFCS/win Access database of a batch into a newly generated SQL Server database to improve the speed of the plot generation.

Fig. 3: Screenshot of the BioProcessDB plot module displaying some offline data

Innova 1313 Fermentation Monitor Driver for MFCS/win

This driver reads data from the comma separated measuring data file generated by the 1313 and assigns them to the corresponding cyclic MFCS/win variables of a running batch. Driver and MFCS/win configuration are painless and well described in a handbook with less then 10 pages. The application can be started without installation from a folder on the MFCS/win Server machine. The collection cycle in milliseconds can be set by the operator.

Innova driver handbook (PDF, german)